Footballoholics Anonymous


L to R: Tyler Johnson, Katharine Everett and Katie Amis attend a Meeting


In the festive spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl, may I present an alternative perspective on America’s most-loved game…..? Wait, what’s that? No?

Ok then, how about a super funny video about people who are obsessed with football??

Whether you are a die-hard fan of the game, or just a once-a-year-Super-Bowl-audience member, you will get a kick out of the latest release from Five Cent Whiskey. Grab a beer and some chips & dip, and enjoy…………

Extraordinary Women Tour 2017

As the season of giving thanks comes around again, I want to share my deep gratitude for Extraordinary Women. Being a part of their live events this year, and performing for thousands of women across the country was an honor and a highlight of 2017. There is nothing like gathering thousands of women together to laugh, cry, and find joy amidst all of the difficulties we often face.

It is my privilege to present the one-woman dramas of Nicole Johnson at each event. You can view and download the pieces performed this year–Girlfriends, Stepping into the Ring, and Captain Hook–on Nicole’s website.

Young Storytellers

Near the end of last year, I participated in an event that is part of Young Storytellers, called “The Big Show”. I realize that in the world of social media, sharing this experience two months later is very not of-the-moment. BUT. It is such a cool organization, that I just had to share…

The Young Storytellers ‘Script to Stage’ program helps elementary school kids write their own story, in script form, and culminates in a performance of the pieces at “The Big Show.” Professional actors, like myself, volunteer to be cast as witches, robots, genies, moms, dads, little brothers, rocks, trees, coconuts-that-fall-from-the-sky and all kinds of endless roles that are found in these crazy creative stories! We have to audition….for nine year olds. Which is a wonderfully humbling experience and one in which you are forced to let go of any pretense of actually being a ‘good’ actor. We are simply there to give the young writers, and ourselves, the gift of believing in the truth of these stories, because they come from a purely creative place.


I got to play a Mom, a soldier, a potion-making witch, a superhero, and yes–a coconut that falls from the sky. I had a ball. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had acting. But more fun than performing, was catching glimpses of the faces of the kids as they saw their stories coming to life. The wonder, intrigue, and laughter. I know these experiences are such a big part of propelling them on to further creativity and expression (not to mention inspiring for all of us adults!), and I’m so grateful I got to be a small part of it.

Our Head Mentor (and volunteer), Susan Abramson, was in charge of organizing the whole show and is the one who got me involved. She’s pictured above with some of the young storytellers after taking their bows and reveling in the audience’s praise. It was so well-deserved and I can’t wait for the chance to do it again soon.


Extraordinary Women Tour

A couple of highlights from my tour dates with Extraordinary Women last year…Thank you to the thousands of women in attendance for sharing your weekends with us!  It is a delight to perform dramas for you, and such a unique experience as an actor to get to hear from the audience first-hand. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your life. I look forward to seeing you again this year!

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Touring with WME Live Events

I have had the privilege of joining the Women of Faith team once again for this season’s “Loved” Tour, hosted by WME Live Events. First three stops were Billings, MT; Fort Wayne, IN; and Louisville, KY.

Next up: Lincoln, NE and Orlando!

Check out a few moments from the Louisville event…

Performing the one-woman piece,
Performing the one-woman piece, “Scrambled Eggs”
With the Women of Faith team, L to R: Katharine, Mary Graham, Sandi Patty, Luci Swindoll, Thelma Wells, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh, and Patsy Clairmont

Holly Shorts Winner: Best Action Film

   We did it! Congratulations to our cast & crew and our indelible director, Matt Wells. He certainly made his mark, winning Best Action Film for Professional Conduct Becoming of An Elite Spy

HollyShorts Film Festival

Katharine Everett and Toby Meuli, the star of Professional Conduct Becoming of An Elite Spy, at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

HollyShorts Official Selection

Hollyshorts Promo

Congratulations to Five Cent Whiskey Production Co. and the cast & crew of


on their Official Selection in the HollyShorts Film Festival!

The festival runs from August 14-23, 2014 in Hollywood.

More details here.

Colony Bay

Just booked the new pilot from Colony Bay Entertainment. More details coming soon!

NEW DRAMA and COMEDY REELS now up on the “Reels” page! Here’s a preview…

‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud

An excerpt from a review at the Prescott Film Festival in Prescott, AZ…

“Everett is quite believable as the deeply troubled hostage lugging around plenty of her own baggage. If she is trying hard not to be seductive, then dust off the mantle ‘cause I see a couple of golden globes in the future!”

Read the full review here…

‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud – Phoenix indie films |

‘Wages’ at Mipcom

Next week, Osiris Entertainment will be heading to Mipcom, in Cannes, France, with Little Dog Productions’ feature film WAGES OF SIN. Mipcom is the leading market for worldwide distribution across all media platforms.

WAGES OF SIN, a thriller set in the 1960s, stars Lauren Martin, Travis Quentin Young and Katharine Everett. The film was written and produced by Sam Ingraffia and Doug Burch. Directed by Doug Burch.

Wages of Sin movie poster

Photo Shoot


My sister, Caroline Jurgensen, is a very talented photography. She recently shot a session with me on a beautiful ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. I love the photos we got and wanted to share them with you. For more of her work, please visit Enjoy!