“Star Turn” Critique

Eric Marchese gave an overall favorable critique of  Linda Whitmore’s Star Turn, read recently at Panndora’s Box Festival of New Works.

Katharine Everett and Toby Meuli received generous comments for their readings of “Tracy” and “Perry,” respectively.

“The scene between Tracy and Perry is among the play’s best […] Katharine Everett and Toby Meuli made the scene and their characters genuinely compelling, and Everett’s lack of artifice and mannerisms made her acting style seem natural and suited her well to her role.”

Despite faulting the plausability of some of the elements of the play, Marchese is pleased and hopeful about the future of Star Turn.

“With so many strengths, “Star Turn” shows tremendous promise, and a reworking of some of its weaknesses will bring the entire play up to the level of the funny scenes featuring Max […] and the strong chemistry between Tracy and Perry.”