Extraordinary Women Tour 2017

As the season of giving thanks comes around again, I want to share my deep gratitude for Extraordinary Women. Being a part of their live events this year, and performing for thousands of women across the country was an honor and a highlight of 2017. There is nothing like gathering thousands of women together to laugh, cry, and find joy amidst all of the difficulties we often face.

It is my privilege to present the one-woman dramas of Nicole Johnson at each event. You can view and download the pieces performed this year–Girlfriends, Stepping into the Ring, and Captain Hook–on Nicole’s website.

Young Storytellers

Near the end of last year, I participated in an event that is part of Young Storytellers, called “The Big Show”. I realize that in the world of social media, sharing this experience two months later is very not of-the-moment. BUT. It is such a cool organization, that I just had to share…

The Young Storytellers ‘Script to Stage’ program helps elementary school kids write their own story, in script form, and culminates in a performance of the pieces at “The Big Show.” Professional actors, like myself, volunteer to be cast as witches, robots, genies, moms, dads, little brothers, rocks, trees, coconuts-that-fall-from-the-sky and all kinds of endless roles that are found in these crazy creative stories! We have to audition….for nine year olds. Which is a wonderfully humbling experience and one in which you are forced to let go of any pretense of actually being a ‘good’ actor. We are simply there to give the young writers, and ourselves, the gift of believing in the truth of these stories, because they come from a purely creative place.


I got to play a Mom, a soldier, a potion-making witch, a superhero, and yes–a coconut that falls from the sky. I had a ball. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had acting. But more fun than performing, was catching glimpses of the faces of the kids as they saw their stories coming to life. The wonder, intrigue, and laughter. I know these experiences are such a big part of propelling them on to further creativity and expression (not to mention inspiring for all of us adults!), and I’m so grateful I got to be a small part of it.

Our Head Mentor (and volunteer), Susan Abramson, was in charge of organizing the whole show and is the one who got me involved. She’s pictured above with some of the young storytellers after taking their bows and reveling in the audience’s praise. It was so well-deserved and I can’t wait for the chance to do it again soon.


Extraordinary Women Tour

A couple of highlights from my tour dates with Extraordinary Women last year…Thank you to the thousands of women in attendance for sharing your weekends with us!  It is a delight to perform dramas for you, and such a unique experience as an actor to get to hear from the audience first-hand. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your life. I look forward to seeing you again this year!

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Touring with WME Live Events

I have had the privilege of joining the Women of Faith team once again for this season’s “Loved” Tour, hosted by WME Live Events. First three stops were Billings, MT; Fort Wayne, IN; and Louisville, KY.

Next up: Lincoln, NE and Orlando!

Check out a few moments from the Louisville event…

Performing the one-woman piece,
Performing the one-woman piece, “Scrambled Eggs”
With the Women of Faith team, L to R: Katharine, Mary Graham, Sandi Patty, Luci Swindoll, Thelma Wells, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh, and Patsy Clairmont


I’ve recently been cast as “Martha Ann” in the Malibu Stage Company‘s production of  “The Oldest Living Graduate” by Preston Jones. We’re right in the middle of rehearsals and having the best time putting it together. The play opens on April 14th and will run for six weekends. Check the website for ticket info…

xo  Katharine

Fall Touring

What a great weekend in Omaha kicking off my fall tour with Women of Faith!

Here are my upcoming dates for the rest of the season…

DALLAS   August 26 & 27

ANAHEIM  September 9 & 10

DENVER   September 30 & October 1

SACRAMENTO  October 14 & 15

SAN ANTONIO  October 21 & 22

SEATTLE   October 28 & 29

Hope to see you soon!

xo Katharine

Tour Dates

Katharine helped to kick off the Women of Faith season in Des Moines, IA on March 12th and 13th. She is performing this weekend in Shreveport, LA, to wrap up her Spring tour dates.

In the Fall, she is slotted to appear in the following cities*: Indianapolis, IN; Tulsa, OK; Philadelphia, PA; Denver, CO; Milwaukee, WI; San Antonia, TX; and Sacramento, CA.

*Subject to change.

Touring in 2010

Katharine is very pleased to announce that she will be joining Women of Faith in their 2010 touring season! She will have the privilege of working with and performing the pieces of writer and dramatist Nicole Johnson. For a look at Nicole’s work, check out her website at freshbrewedlife.com.

Click here for Katharine’s Q and A with Nicole and stay tuned for a list of the select cities where Katharine will be performing this year.

The SITI Company in Boise

I just got back from a week-long intensive training session with the SITI (Saratoga International Theatre Institute) Company in Boise, ID.  They teach the Suzuki and Viewpoints “methods” as training techniques.  The teaching was incredibly valuable and the practical applications to my craft and my work as an actor are endless.  I highly recommend studying under the SITI company, no matter what kind of artist you are. They perform and teach all over the world and you can find lots of information on their website. (link above)

The history of where each of these practices come from is fascinating, particularly the Viewpoints.  Anne Bogart, artistic director of SITI Company, helped to write The Viewpoints Book with Tina Landau. It’s very helpful in understanding the ideas and it’s also full of great exercizes.  But Mary Overly was the original thinker behind the theory and her website (sixviewpoints.com) is very  inspiring.  It is full of the complex ideas that are behind and go beyond the Viewpoints.  If you are interested in the Viewpoints at all, I recommend checking out her site too.     –Katharine

“Star Turn” Critique

Eric Marchese gave an overall favorable critique of  Linda Whitmore’s Star Turn, read recently at Panndora’s Box Festival of New Works.

Katharine Everett and Toby Meuli received generous comments for their readings of “Tracy” and “Perry,” respectively.

“The scene between Tracy and Perry is among the play’s best […] Katharine Everett and Toby Meuli made the scene and their characters genuinely compelling, and Everett’s lack of artifice and mannerisms made her acting style seem natural and suited her well to her role.”

Despite faulting the plausability of some of the elements of the play, Marchese is pleased and hopeful about the future of Star Turn.

“With so many strengths, “Star Turn” shows tremendous promise, and a reworking of some of its weaknesses will bring the entire play up to the level of the funny scenes featuring Max […] and the strong chemistry between Tracy and Perry.”

Panndora’s Box Festival of New Works

Panndora Productions just concluded their 3rd annual New Works play-reading festival at the Breath of Fire Theatre in Santa Ana last weekend.  Of the five plays featured over the weekend, Star Turn by Linda Whitmore, turned out to be one of the most popular. A Neil Simon-esque comedy set in New York City, it proved to be a crowd-pleaser. Katharine Everett starred as the lead, Tracy White. Toby Meuli starred opposite as the romantic interest, Perry.