Footballoholics Anonymous

  1-800-SUB-CONCUSSIVE-HIT In the festive spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl, may I present an alternative perspective on America’s most-loved game…..? Wait, what’s that? No? Ok then, how about a super funny video about people who are obsessed with football?? Whether you are a die-hard fan of the game, or just a once-a-year-Super-Bowl-audience member, youContinue reading “Footballoholics Anonymous”

Extraordinary Women Tour 2017

As the season of giving thanks comes around again, I want to share my deep gratitude for Extraordinary Women. Being a part of their live events this year, and performing for thousands of women across the country was an honor and a highlight of 2017. There is nothing like gathering thousands of women together to laugh,Continue reading “Extraordinary Women Tour 2017”

Extraordinary Women Tour

A couple of highlights from my tour dates with Extraordinary Women last year…Thank you to the thousands of women in attendance for sharing your weekends with us!  It is a delight to perform dramas for you, and such a unique experience as an actor to get to hear from the audience first-hand. Thank you forContinue reading “Extraordinary Women Tour”

Touring with WME Live Events

I have had the privilege of joining the Women of Faith team once again for this season’s “Loved” Tour, hosted by WME Live Events. First three stops were Billings, MT; Fort Wayne, IN; and Louisville, KY. Next up: Lincoln, NE and Orlando! Check out a few moments from the Louisville event…

‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud

An excerpt from a review at the Prescott Film Festival in Prescott, AZ… “Everett is quite believable as the deeply troubled hostage lugging around plenty of her own baggage. If she is trying hard not to be seductive, then dust off the mantle ‘cause I see a couple of golden globes in the future!” Read the fullContinue reading “‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud”

Photo Shoot

  My sister, Caroline Jurgensen, is a very talented photography. She recently shot a session with me on a beautiful ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. I love the photos we got and wanted to share them with you. For more of her work, please visit Enjoy!