E-Commerce Welcome Sequence

A 3-email automation for new subscribers who opt-in to a lead magnet freebie for a travel company.

Average Open Rate: 70%
Average Click Rate: 17.41%

E-Commerce Product Promotions

A selection of 4 seasonal and product promotion campaigns.

Digital Product Launch Email Campaigns

A 4-email series to launch new travel guides for All the Best Days.

Average Open Rate: 61.9%
Average Click Rate: 3.1%

“The sales sequence she created more than doubled my sales.”

Working with Katharine was a dream. Just with a few conversations she seemed to simply get inside my head and communicate a vision for my business that was beyond anything I had hoped for. Her ability to create a story of connection and integrate it with strategy is incredible. The sales sequence she created more than doubled my sales.

The investment more than paid off! Work with Katharine!

— Courtney Cleveland, Creator of All The Best Days

Opt-In Page for a free, virtual live event masterclass.
Launch vehicle for a digital course offer.

Page Conversion: 40.32 %

Free Webinar Opt-In Page

Sales Page for a 3-day, virtual live training workshop.
Launch strategy for a digital course offer.

Long Page Opt-In Page Conversion Rate: 49.15 %
Short Opt-In Page Conversion Rate: 33.16 %

Sales Page for a 2-part, virtual live event workshop.
Launch vehicle for a digital course offer.

Page Conversion: 31.14 %

“She writes with precision, never wasting a word!”

I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Katharine on a successful quiz funnel project. As a fellow copywriter, what impresses me the most about working with Katharine is her ability to turn a client’s story into a compelling message that opens the door for connection to take place. She’s professional, hits deadlines, and has the ability to polish a piece of content to perfection.

Beyond that, she embodies a refreshing and approachable outlook — on copy and on life! I look forward to working with her again in the future.

— April Castillo, Quiz Funnel Strategist

Katharine is gifted in so many ways…”

I started, again and again, to create my LinkedIn Bio (insert emoji of me pulling my hair out). Then I remembered Katharine Everett.

Creating content is just one of her strengths. I love, love, love, the bio she crafted for my website and Linked In page. Katharine was able to take my responses, to her thoughtful questions, and turn them into an authentic, fun, powerful description of who I am and what I love to do. Thank you, Katharine!

— Amy Cella, Personal Assistant

Digital Course Sales Emails

A selection of sales emails for a digital course offer for creative entrepreneurs.

Recipients: 1,200+
Average Open Rate: 28.6%
Average Click Rate: 5.62%

Virtual Live Event Sales Emails

6-email promo sequence for a virtual live event. Launch strategy for a digital course offer.

Recipients: 17,000+
Average Open Rate: 22.04%
Average Click Rate: 1.62%

“Katharine truly knows how to identify and step into the shoes of the target audience and write copy that deeply resonates…”

Katharine is hands down one of the most talented copywriters I’ve ever worked with! I was constantly blown away by her poetic and captivating conversion copy — even our longest sales pages and sales emails were so engaging that I was completely hooked from the first word to the last.

Katharine made my job as the launch manager significantly easier because I rarely had feedback or edits — every deliverable was SO good that I didn’t want to change a thing. It is abundantly clear that with every piece of copy that Katharine writes that she puts so much thought, consideration, and care into every word.

Katharine truly knows how to identify and step into the shoes of the target audience and get to the core of their pain points and desires to write copy that deeply resonates with them and paints a vivid picture of the transformation they’ll receive with our offerings.

Beyond her impeccable talent (in more ways than one!) and work that I could gush about for days, Katharine is just a genuinely delightful human and such a joy to work with, and anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with her will be better off for it!

— Bre Fowler, Digital Strategist, Bre Fowler Co.