Title / Role                              Director  /  Producer

Professional Conduct/ Supp.*    Matt Wells / Matt Wells & Toby Meuli 

Wages of Sin / Lead                         Doug Burch / Little Dog Productions

Minute Men / Lead                          Calvin Callaway /  Paper Taxi Productions

Propel** /  Supporting                    Jay Gammill (Free Samples) /   Belinda Benko

J.I.D. /  Lead                                        Hector Barron /  Hector Barron

3 Days in L.A. / Supporting          Marco Capalbo /  Marco Capalbo

15-40*** / Supporting                    Christian Bagger / AFI

Unlocked /  Lead                                Robert Kirbyson / On the Lot


*2014 Holly Shorts Winner: Best Action Film

**Official Selections: Sacramento Film Festival, Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival, Rockport Film Festival

***Director’s Choice Award at Sedona Int. Film Festival, Best Short Film at Heartland Film Festival, Best Short Film at Angelus Awards Film Festival



Title / Role                                         Director / Producer

Criminal Minds / Co-star                              CBS

Life of Riley (Pilot) / Regular                     Colony Bay Entertainment



Life of Riley (Pilot) / Regular                      Eric Drazin / Colony Bay Entertainment

The Anti-Gang (Pilot) / Regular                 Toby Meuli / Five Cent Whiskey

Training (Pilot) / Regular                              Toby Meuli / Five Cent Whiskey

A New Arrival / Lead                                      Doug Burch / Little Dog Productions



Production / Role                                       Producer

Loved Tour / One-woman                                         WME Live Events

The Oldest Living Graduate / Supporting          The Malibu Stage Company

Baggage / One-woman                                                Fresh Brewed Life (National tour)

Give Sorrow Words / One-woman                         Fresh Brewed Life (National tour)

One Choice / Lead                                                          Fresh Brewed Life (Nat. tour)

Divine Fallacy / Lead                                                   Horton Foote Fest. (d. Tina Howe)

Hamlet / Supporting                                                    Tall Blonde Productions (Hollywood)

Girl of the Tombs / Lead                                             Fresh Brewed Life (Nat. tour)

Macbeth / Supporting                                                 Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. (Boston)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Lead                    Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.

Nunsense / Lead                                                            Dorset Theatre Festival

After Magritte / Lead                                                  Dorset Theatre Festival

Can Can / Supporting                                                 Horton Foote Fest. (d. Romulus Linney)



Warner Loughlin Studios

Christinna Chauncey                    Auditioning for Television (On-camera)

Steppenwolf West                         Scene Study & Viewpoints

Jerry Coyle                                       On-Camera Acting for Film

Stuart K. Robinson                       Commercials

Arthur Lessac                                  Voice & Movement

SITI Company                                 Viewpoints & Suzuki

Baylor University, B.F.A. Theatre Performance



Artistic skills (painting, sketching)                     Ballet                           Guitar

Dialects (Stan. British, Irish,  American-         Ear-wiggling             Horseback Riding

Southern, var. U.S. regions; quick study)       Kick-boxing              Singing (Soprano)

Tennis                                                                             Yoga



Laurie Metcalf                               Scene Study

Marg Bergen                                  Improvisation   (Out of the Blue, Chicago)

Peter Engel                                    The Business of the Business

Jay O. Sanders                             Acting in Shakespeare