Conversion Copywriting & Messaging Strategy

Captivating copy that makes your clients click.

You need copy that reaches and resonates….

Messaging is the key to reaching your clients and customers, so that your gift—and business—can make an impact in the world.

And dialed-in copy is the key to nailing your messaging.


Finding Your Voice

Hey, I’m Katharine Everett. But my friends call me Kat.
As a professional actor, I easily get into the minds and thoughts of characters based on words on a page.

As a conversion copywriter, I get into the minds and thoughts of your ideal clients, to tap into the space where their deepest desires meet your irresistible offers.
I may be the only copywriter in my industry who can clone a brand voiceyour voice.
I help business owners in creative markets craft the copy they need to consistently market the message, tone and purpose of their offers in a landscape saturated with shallow (and often manipulative!) messaging.
I support coaches, creators and business owners who desire lasting legacy and customer relationships built on trust, authenticity and connection.
My mission is to manifest the full expression of your brand, your purpose, and your offers—through words—so that you can create beauty + impact in the world around you.

Katharine is a Certified Copywriter of Sara Anna Powers’s Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™.

Reared on ranch land in Texas, Katharine is accustomed to pioneering new territories across industry and markets. With a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Baylor University, Katharine settled in Los Angeles to pursue acting. She quickly realized her storytelling talents were invaluable in today’s marketing landscape and began bringing her artistic sensibilities and persuasive way with words to creative business owners. Her keen appreciation for craft, artistry and quality make her perfectly suited to serve the powerful purposes of creative entrepreneurs. She has served clothing designers, photographers, interior designers and online course creators with copy that reaches and resonates.

When not working, Katharine enjoys time with her actor-husband Toby and their Saint Bernard, Prudence.

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