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Katharine is a Certified Copywriter of Sara Anna Powers’s Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ and a graduate of James Wedmore’s Indispensable Leadership Academy (ILA).

Katharine is hands down one of the most talented copywriters I’ve ever worked with!

— Bre Fowler, Digital Strategist

Working with Katharine was a dream. The sales sequence she created more than doubled my sales. The investment more than paid off!

— Courtney Cleveland, Creator of All The Best Days

What impresses me the most about working with Katharine is her ability to turn a client’s story into a compelling message that opens the door for connection to take place.

— April Castillo, Quiz Funnel Strategist

The world of digital marketing is constantly ch-ch-ch-chaaangin’…

It’s a lot to keep up with. 

Especially if you’re also generating content, managing a team, being your own social media manager—and—the everyday bad a$$ leader of your business.

I see you. I salute you. And I wanna take that digital marketing bit off your plate. (While I’m at it, I’ll just… lemme just… take that… you didn’t want these last few fries, right?) 

I study what works in marketing—so we can market your work. 

Katharine brings style, elegance and class to whatever she touches!

— Christine Haslett, CEO of Banu Inc.

Your business needs copy that reaches and resonates….

Messaging is the key to reaching your clients and customers, so that your irresistible offers can make an impact in the world.

And dialed-in copy is the key to nailing your messaging.


This is the part about me!

Hey, I’m Katharine. But my friends call me Kat.

I’m a Conversion Copywriter and Messaging Strategist helping coaches, course creators, and online entrepreneurs create copy that sounds like them and authentically speaks to their customers so they (you!) can you stick to what they do best.

I love nothing more than getting into the mind and thoughts of your audience, so you can serve (sell) to them exactly what they want (to buy).

Reared on ranch land as a 6th generation Texan, I’m accustomed to pioneering new territories across industries, niches and markets. After saddling myself with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Baylor University, I settled in Los Angeles to pursue acting. But I quickly found my talents were applicable and invaluable in today’s marketing landscape. So I started bringing my artistic sensibilities and persuasive way with words to business owners. 

My keen appreciation for craft and the arts make me the creative entrepreneurs best friend. And my training as an actor and storyteller set me apart from other writers, since I’m able to emotionally tap into the behavioral patterns of your clients. 

I’m a Certified Copywriter of Sara Anna Power’s Clickworthy Copywriting Certification.

When I’m not writing, I’m auditioning or hanging out time my Boo—actor-husband Toby—and our giant slobbery Saint Bernard, Prudence.

Done-for-You Custom Copywriting Projects

  • Long & short-form sales pages
  • Sales emails
  • Nurture & welcome email funnels
  • Webinar scripts
  • Website copy


Ready to find out how powerful copy + messaging can change your business?


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