Footballoholics Anonymous

  1-800-SUB-CONCUSSIVE-HIT In the festive spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl, may I present an alternative perspective on America’s most-loved game…..? Wait, what’s that? No? Ok then, how about a super funny video about people who are obsessed with football?? Whether you are a die-hard fan of the game, or just a once-a-year-Super-Bowl-audience member, youContinue reading “Footballoholics Anonymous”

‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud

An excerpt from a review at the Prescott Film Festival in Prescott, AZ… “Everett is quite believable as the deeply troubled hostage lugging around plenty of her own baggage. If she is trying hard not to be seductive, then dust off the mantle ‘cause I see a couple of golden globes in the future!” Read the fullContinue reading “‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud”

Wages of Sin Wrapped

The independent feature Wages of Sin, starring Katharine Everett, Travis Quentin Young, and Lauren Martin wrapped last weekend. The shoot was a great success, and the film is expected to be completed by December. From left to right: Michael Franks (Director of Photography/Co-Producer), Sam Ingraffia (Writer/Producer), Doug Burch (Writer/Director), Katharine Everett (starring), Travis Quentin YoungContinue reading “Wages of Sin Wrapped”

“Propel” to screen at the New Filmmakers LA Screening Series

“Prope,” a film by Jay Gammill and featuring Katharine Everett, will be screened at the New Filmmakers L.A. Screening Series. The event takes place on Tuesday, June 30th at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. The screenings begin at 8:45PM, and an audience Q&A session with a few of the directors (Jay included) will beContinue reading ““Propel” to screen at the New Filmmakers LA Screening Series”