Footballoholics Anonymous

  1-800-SUB-CONCUSSIVE-HIT In the festive spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl, may I present an alternative perspective on America’s most-loved game…..? Wait, what’s that? No? Ok then, how about a super funny video about people who are obsessed with football?? Whether you are a die-hard fan of the game, or just a once-a-year-Super-Bowl-audience member, youContinue reading “Footballoholics Anonymous”

Extraordinary Women Tour 2017

As the season of giving thanks comes around again, I want to share my deep gratitude for Extraordinary Women. Being a part of their live events this year, and performing for thousands of women across the country was an honor and a highlight of 2017. There is nothing like gathering thousands of women together to laugh,Continue reading “Extraordinary Women Tour 2017”

Extraordinary Women Tour

A couple of highlights from my tour dates with Extraordinary Women last year…Thank you to the thousands of women in attendance for sharing your weekends with us!  It is a delight to perform dramas for you, and such a unique experience as an actor to get to hear from the audience first-hand. Thank you forContinue reading “Extraordinary Women Tour”