Photo Shoot

  My sister, Caroline Jurgensen, is a very talented photography. She recently shot a session with me on a beautiful ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. I love the photos we got and wanted to share them with you. For more of her work, please visit Enjoy!


Keep your eyes peeled for the release of a new web pilot, created by and starring Katharine Everett and written and directed by Toby Meuli (The Social Network, MTV’s Death Valley). THE ANTI-GANG, a totally original comedy, will be making an appearance HERE in the coming weeks. Check back often!

Shot SAG Pilot

Katharine wrapped a one-day shoot on the SAG web pilot The Anti-Gang on Sunday. The pilot is to be pitched to ABC in the beginning of next year. Katharine was the executive producer as well as played the leading role. Also acting as executive producer, writer, and performer was Toby Meuli.