The SITI Company in Boise

I just got back from a week-long intensive training session with the SITI (Saratoga International Theatre Institute) Company in Boise, ID.  They teach the Suzuki and Viewpoints “methods” as training techniques.  The teaching was incredibly valuable and the practical applications to my craft and my work as an actor are endless.  I highly recommend studying under the SITI company, no matter what kind of artist you are. They perform and teach all over the world and you can find lots of information on their website. (link above)

The history of where each of these practices come from is fascinating, particularly the Viewpoints.  Anne Bogart, artistic director of SITI Company, helped to write The Viewpoints Book with Tina Landau. It’s very helpful in understanding the ideas and it’s also full of great exercizes.  But Mary Overly was the original thinker behind the theory and her website ( is very  inspiring.  It is full of the complex ideas that are behind and go beyond the Viewpoints.  If you are interested in the Viewpoints at all, I recommend checking out her site too.     –Katharine

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