Hi…I’m Katharine and I’m an actress dedicated to telling relatable and empowering stories. I’ve had the privilege of getting to tell such stories on film, on stage, on television and even in a few commercials.

My touring shows have taken me to the Honda Center in Anaheim, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and almost every major performance arena in-between. My films have traveled festivals from Beverly Hills to Rockport, Texas, and I’ve had the privilege of playing on the Boston Common, in the Vermont woods, and the Hollywood Cemetery.

All this traveling has been pretty exciting for a girl from small-town West Texas. Not to mention, I’ve received some pretty fantastic training with Warner Loughlin Studios, Steppenwolf West, and of course, my Alma Mater Baylor University…Sic ‘Em Bears!

I’ve been a nun, a secret agent, a 1960s housewife, and a servant to the Devil himself. But one of my favorite roles has been as executive producer, making creative decisions with my actor-husband on his writing projects through our production company, Five Cent Whiskey. We love to gather up our most talented friends–whether on set or around the dinner table–and tell stories…we make a great team, on-camera and off.

When I’m not acting, I’m honing my recipe for crab cakes or trying the short rib risotto at the newest restaurant. I also have a tendency to completely re-arrange my furniture first thing in the morning…

Speaking of rearrange, did you know that the brain has the power to change, to create new ways of beingjust by having a new experience? Our stories have the power to heal, to empower, to acknowledge, to transform people….just by being told. Telling stories is an essential business. And that’s the business I’m in.