Copywriting + Content

As an actor, I am trained to get into the minds and thoughts of characters.

As a content producer, I funnel my storytelling craft into the voices of artisans and creatives.
I may be the only copywriter and content creator in my industry who can clone a brand voiceyour voice.
I tell the stories of creative business owners in the artisan, luxury market who just need content that consistently captures the tone, message and purpose of the company in a landscape that increasingly rewards shallow exchanges and content-for-content’s sake—which entirely misses the point of building a solid customer base: trust, authenticity and connection.
My mission is to manifest the full expression of your brand, your purpose, and your goals—through words—so that you can go create beauty + art in the world.

Reared on ranch land in Texas, Katharine is accustomed to pioneering new territories across industry and markets. With a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Baylor University, Katharine settled in Los Angeles to pursue acting. She quickly realized her storytelling talents were valuable in multiple markets and began bringing her artistic sensibilities and way with words to the luxury market. Her keen appreciation for craft, artistry and quality makes her perfectly suited to serve the luxury jewelry, clothing, wedding, interiors and lifestyle markets. She has acted as digital content creator, graphic designer and copywriter in these industries.

When not working, Katharine enjoys time with her actor-husband Toby and their Saint Bernard, Prudence.


  • COPYWRITINGMoyoFreePhoto48 | blog content, social media, email marketing, digital courses, websites
  • DIGITAL CONTENT | basic graphic design + copy for for email marketing and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)

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